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Anne Arundel Community College
101 College Parkway
Arnold, MD 21012-1895
410-777-AACC (2222)

Phone numbers for programs, offices and services at Anne Arundel Community College.

All extensions below are preceded by 410-777 unless otherwise noted.

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Sales and Service Training Center (SSTC) - x1823
Scholarships - x2203
Science tutoring center - x2260
Sciences (Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science) - x2260
Security (Dept. of Public Safety) - x2440; Campus emergencies: x1818
Senior Adults - x2325
Service Learning - x2053
Sociology - x2430
Speakers Bureau - x2614
Sponsored Programs - x2808
STEM Center - x2843
Student Achievement and Success Program (SASP) - x2530/2553
Student Activities - x2218
Student Association - x2309
Student Engagement - x2218
Student Response Center - x1999 
Substance Abuse Education - x2527
Supplemental Instruction (SI) - x2738
Swimming pool - x2316


Teacher Education and Child Care Institute (TEACH) - x2401
Technical Information Services - x2487
Technology Learning Center, AMIL - x1935
Technology Learning Center Arnold - x2751/2358
Technology Learning Center, GBTC - x2986
Testing Office Arnold - x2375; Testing at Arundel Mills - x1915; Testing at GBTC - x2906
Theater Box Office - x2457
Therapeutic Massage - x7310
Transcripts - x2243
Transfer Coordinator - x2634
Transfer information/transfer credits to AACC - x2243
Tutoring Office - x2642


Veterans' Education Benefits - x2203
Veterans' Programs - x4VET (4838)
Virtual Campus (distance learning) programs - x2464
Visual Arts (Art, Film, Graphic Design, Photography, Video) - x7230
Vocational Support Services - x2307


WEEKENDYOU support services - x2808
Women's Institute - x2807 
Workforce Development - X2732
Workforce Investment Act (WIA) - x2246
Writing Centers: Arnold - x1241; AMIL - x2077
Writing Center - x1241


Youth Education Programs (YEP) - x2325

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