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Diversity at AACC - Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions below were prepared by the AACC Diversity Committee to further emphasize the commitment of this institution to diversity as related to the curriculum, the student body, and the college’s employees.

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How is diversity defined?
AACC defines diversity broadly to include all aspects, including race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship status, veteran status, genetic information or disability.

Why is diversity important?
“Anne Arundel Community College values diversity...among its own students, faculty, and staff as well as within our local, national, and global communities. We are committed to creating and sustaining a college culture and climate that is welcoming, inclusive, respectful and free from discrimination, intolerance and harassment. We prioritize recruiting, retaining, and supporting a diverse student population and a diverse workforce. We believe that the study of diversity is an essential part of contemporary education, so our students study how ideas about diversity are shaped by culture, affect the way people think and live, and depend on complex systems of power and privilege.” AACC Diversity plan 2008-2015

What are the benefits of diversity?
Individual differences are the building blocks for relationships. When the strengths of diverse relationships are utilized to their fullest capacity, we as individuals gain an edge in our working and personal relationships with one another.
A diverse student population is also an important educational resource that enhances the educational experiences which in turn enhances the environment for learning. Socializing with individuals who are different contributes to the academic development, satisfaction with the college education, level of cultural awareness and commitment to promoting diverse understandings.
What is AACC doing to promote diversity?
AACC continues to create and foster an inclusive college campus and a spirit of community. The Diversity Committee is responsible for managing the College’s comprehensive Diversity Plan and provides student groups with monetary incentives to support diversity events and activities.
The Diversity Committee membership represents multiple areas of the college including students, faculty and staff whose specialties range from direct support to administrative responsibilities.

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