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Achieving the Dream Data Team at AACC

Responsibilities of AACC's Data Team

  • Develop a candid analysis of the college’s performance with respect to student outcomes, with a special focus on students who face barriers to success.
  • Examine quantitative and qualitative data and present findings in a clear and compelling way that shows where the college is doing well and where it needs to improve.
  • Lead the college community in the review of and dialogue about student outcome data.
  • Aid the Core Team in the analysis and review of data related to the goals of AtD.
  • Assist the Core Team in the development and monitoring of indicators of success.
  • Assist strategy teams in the review of data needed to support their work.
  • Assist strategy teams with the development and implementation of assessment plans.

Members of AACC's Data Team

Data Team Co-Chairs
Ricka Fine, SC.D.
Alicia Morse

June Bronfenbrenner
Ron Deabreau
Lawrie Gardner
John Grabowski
Brenda Hurbanis
Tera Mikula
Heather Rellihan
Kerry Taylor
Robyn Toman
Erica Yeager