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WELCOME to Anne Arundel Community College's School of Business and Law!  Our program pathways prepare students for transfer to four-year schools, to enter the workforce, or to update skills. We look forward to working with you!

The School of Business and Law includes the following departments and Institutes: Business Administration (Accounting), Business Management, Economics, Entrepreneurial Studies Institute, Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Institute, and Legal Studies Institute.  You can personalize your studies with flexible scheduling options; online, hybrid or in-class instruction, and multiple campus locations.

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Departments and Programs
Entrepreneurial Studies        
Homeland Security and Criminal Justice (and Law Enforcement)
Legal Studies

Noncredit Business Courses
AACC's noncredit business and continuing legal education courses offered through the School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development, can help you to advance your professional studies and learn new skills. We offer nationally recognized certifications through partnerships with local companies and professional organizations. AACC also offers continuing education certificate programs that help demonstrate to employers that you have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary for their workplace.  For additional offerings, visit areas of study.

Ratcliffe Scholarships

You may qualify for a business scholarship of up to $10,000.
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School of Business and Law