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The School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development offers credit and noncredit courses for personal and professional growth, some of which lead to licensure, certification and credit degrees.

Departments, Centers and Institutes

Center on Aging 
Offers courses designed for anyone in midlife and beyond including The Guild for LIFE, Peer Learning Partnership and senior courses.

Continuing Professional Education
Focuses on professional development, certification and licensure. See career and certifications listing under areas of studyContinuing Legal Education courses are offered in partnership with AACC's Legal Studies.

Corporate Training Group
Brings workforce training to area business and industries.  

CyberCenter and Cyber and Technology Training
From basic keyboarding to advanced technology certifications including those in cybersecurity, these departments offer both courses for individuals as well as customized training to government agencies, businesses and nonprofit organizations.

English Language Learning and Adult Education  
Offers basic reading, writing, math and GED preparation courses as well as intensive training in world languages.

Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism (HCAT Intsitute)
Offers credit degree and certificate programs in hospitality management, hotel/lodging management and culinary arts as well as noncredit courses for amateur cooks, event planners and wine lovers.

Instructional Support Center 
Oversees noncredit registration, instructional contracts, room assignments and more.

Lifelong Learning 
Provides personal enrichment courses for adults as well as youth courses and camps. Offers Certificates of Completion programs for a variety of job skills.

Occupational Skills
Provides job training courses in the construction trades (See career and certifications listing under areas of study).

Parenting Center 
Provides courses in parenting to individuals online and face-to-face as well as bringing customized training to schools and organizations.

Teacher Education and Child Care  (TEACH Institute)
Offers credit degrees, certificates in teaching and child care, as well as licensure courses and professional development for teachers and child care providers.

What do the terms continuing education and noncredit mean?
Gain a better understanding of credit versus noncredit and continuing education.

Continuing Education and Workforce Development