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We are pleased to present the 2016 Facilities Master Plan for Anne Arundel Community College. While it is required by the state of Maryland every five years, it includes data projections 10 years out and provides facilities recommendations in phases for the short-, mid- and long-term. 

This was a college-wide process that balanced quantitative and qualitative input from numerous sources, including focus groups and interviews, to get a full picture of community needs. The process also included a thorough environmental scan and space utilization study. The college then shared that information with the community for comments. 

The process was facilitated by a steering committee that included AACC’s Board of Trustees chair, administrators and faculty. The committee took into consideration the mission as the first principle, which begins with “learning as its central mission.”

At the same time, the college’s mission states that we must be accountable to our stakeholders. These two components drove the plan’s 10 guiding principles, focusing most attention on learning spaces, operational efficiencies, sustainability and fiscal responsibility. 

The Board of Trustees was presented with the proposed plan on Dec. 8 and approved the plan at its January meeting.

We are very excited about this plan and hope our students and members of the community will be, too. We believe it will be very transformational for the college and the community, and remain grateful for the continued support we receive.

A copy of the plan can be found above under related links.

Facilities Master Plan 2016