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Student intern at the National Aquarium

  Imagine yourself: 

  • Interning with Disney World, the Maryland State Legislature, or the National Aquarium
  • Volunteering with oyster restoration projects, serving meals to the homeless, or tutoring students
  • Conducting research with county residents on issues related to the environment, politics, and the economy
  • Developing marketing and fundraising strategies and solutions to benefit local non-profits
  • Traveling to Paris, Italy, or China to gain global perspectives


Having experience can be an advantage as you pursue your future educational and employment goals. Consider the following:

84% of service-learning respondents reported that their service-learning experience improved their ability to see linkages between their educational goals and future employment

80% of service-learning respondents reported that their service-learning experience sharpened their understanding of what they need to do to be successful in the future

Earn your academic credentials AND gain experience at AACC.  We offer:

  • Internships:  Full- or part-time, credit or noncredit on-the-job work experiences related to a student's major
  • Volunteer Service through Service-Learning:  Short-term volunteer experiences that enhance classroom learning combined with faculty-guided reflection
  • Research:  Semi-annual survey experiences including survey design, public outreach, and results analysis
  • Strategic Forecasting of the Future:  Problem-based consulting experiences with local non-profits
  • Travel:  Short-term faculty-led travel experiences to domestic and international locations

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Location:  Careers Building, Room 314
Hours:  8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
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