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Truxal Library - How to Borrow and Return

Who can borrow materials from the library?

  • AACC students, faculty and staff.
  • Residents and those working in Anne Arundel County may use the Library and borrow materials.
  • Patrons under the age of 16 may use the Library and borrow materials.  An application for a library card must be signed by the patron’s parent or guardian.
  • Faculty from other colleges and universities may borrow materials once they have registered for a library card.
  • Students at other Maryland community colleges who can present evidence of enrollment at their home college.  Materials must be returned to the library from which they were borrowed.

Checkout and return of books

  • Borrowers must present their library card at the time of transaction in order to borrow circulating and reserve materials. Library cards may be obtained and/or replaced in person, at the Circulation Desk. Patrons are responsible for all items on their library account.
  • Distance education students may apply for a library card online.  Those attending classes or teaching at GBTC, AMIL, HCAT, or Fort Meade may request delivery of library materials to those locations
  • AACC students may borrow circulating books for 28 days and renew the books up to four times for an additional 28 days if it is not in demand.  
  • AACC faculty and staff may borrow circulating books for 120 days and renew the books for an additional 120 days if an item is not in demand.
  • Fines for overdue books accumulate at the rate of $.20 per day to a maximum of $6 per book on student and county resident accounts. Fines on other materials vary. Overdue notices are mailed once an item is 5 days overdue.
  • Books may be renewed as long as less than $6.00 is owed on your library account. 
    • If your fines are less than $6.00, you may renew your materials online by accessing your library account in the library catalog via, calling the Circulation Desk at 410-777-2238 (press #3), or emailing  
    • If your fines are more than $6.00 or your renewal limit has been reached for an item, you cannot renew. Please return these materials and pay any fines associated with these items. You may call the Circulation Desk at 410-777-2238 or email if you need additional information about our overdue policies.
  • Lost or damaged items must be paid for by the borrower. Unresolved accounts may be forwarded to a collection agency.
  • Students must resolve all outstanding library obligations including payment of overdue fines and lost item bills in order to register for AACC courses or obtain College transcripts.
  • Loan and renewal periods for other borrowers vary, and can be obtained by contacting the Circulation Desk at 410-777-2238.
  • Please see the Audiovisual collection information page for policy information regarding other types of library materials.
  • Borrow items our library does not own (a.k.a. Interlibrary Loan)
  • See the Laptops (PDF) policy for information about using a college-owned laptop in the library.
  • Students may use our science models upon signing a Use and Liability Agreement. See our library guide about our Anatomy Models or our Chemistry Models for more information. 

Course readings and materials (Reserved materials)

  • Reserved readings, and audiovisual items may be borrowed for three hours, overnight, or for other periods as indicated by the instructor.
  • Fines for overdue materials in this category accumulate per item on either an hourly or daily basis, for student and county resident accounts. Fine rates are printed on the label of each item. Most reserved course materials have a maximum fine of $70.
  • Many reserved items may be used only in the Library.
  • Most reserved materials that circulate outside the Library may not be renewed.

User obligations in the library

  • Patrons are expected to be reasonably quiet and to refrain from using cell phones, eating, drinking, smoking and using other tobacco products in the Library.
  • Individuals who steal or damage books, materials or other Library property may lose their library privileges and be legally prosecuted on misdemeanor charges according to Article ED section 23-408 of the Annotated Code of Maryland.
  • Users may be required to show the contents of backpacks, bags, etc... to Circulation staff as they leave the Library.

e-mail: | phone: 410-777-2211