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Bailey, Janine CCPT 329 2942
Ballard, Tresa, M CRSC 312
Barata, Jose, L CALT 316
Barker, David, S CRSC 110F 2975
Barlow-Hughley, Sharon SSVC 209 2687
Barnett, Emily, R CCPT 324 410-777-7047
Barnhart, Patricia, D JOHN 206C 2939
Barrett, Linda, M JOHN 207A
Bashore, Anne, T LUDL 202C 2472
Battle, Keith, O
Battle, Sonia, T CALT 113A 7138
Batturs, Beth FLRS 304A 7352
Baublitz, Harvey, L
Baughan, Joanna, L 2743
Baum, Daniel, B LUDL 137 2011
Baumann, Thea, M
Baumbusch, Allison, E
Bayron, Arlene
Beardmore, Melissa A. LUDL 213A 2532
Beck, Robert A.
Becton, Sheela CRSC 252F 2169
Behringer, Karl
Beier, Nanci A SSVC 145 2721
Belkin, Sheilah B. SSVC 120 2867
Bellerive Bosworth, Kim, M CALT 113A 7139
Belt, Wayne CRSC 204D 2887
Bender, Christopher, D
Bennett, Diane, L
Bennett, Jill S. LUDL 141 2191
Benton, Patrice SSVC 160 1318
Benyock, Jennifer, L 7323
Berry, Stephen, M CRSC 318 2363
Crabb, Heather CRSC 252P 2177
Betts, Feliscia, L LBRY 106 1381
Bigelow, Robert K GYM 113 2794
Bika, Mary O. CALT 114 2611
Blades, Daniel, J
Blaney, Matthew, S
Blazie, Andrew, M LBRY 106 1342
Bolton, Kathleen E. ADMN 202A 2028
Bone, Margo D. SSVC 140A 5668
Booker, Renee, L SSVC 160 1160
Booker, Sarah SSVC 109 2831
Bopp, Jennifer, L CADE 333 2629
Borders, Christopher, P CRSC 204K 2175
Boreland, Veronica E. SSVC 226 2512
Borkoski, Christine, R 1308
Bosse, Catherine B. CALT 218 2705
Bosse, Raymond, F AMIL 402 7231
Bowen, Lance, D CALT 234A 2873
Boyer, Suzanne, L LUDL 108A 2045
Boykin, Tiffany, F SUN 222 2305
Bradley, Lisa, A CRSC 343 2421
Brady, Alexander HUM 09 1196
Brady, Patricia A. FLRS 328 7036
Brenneman, Kyersten, D
Bridgman, Christine, M SSVC 213 1307
Brison, William P. CCPT 307 2463
Broadnax, Elizabeth, A 2888
Brooks, Barbara SUNB240 2375
Brown, Devin, D CALT 242
Brown, Tiffani, S AMIL 309A 1962
Bump, Leslie, L CSB 149 2683
Burch, Stacie AMIL 309D 1963
Burchill, Russell, E CADE 332
Burkowsky, Rena SSTC 1822
Burnside, Jasmine, L FLRS 304 7276
Busch, William P. CSB 108 2440
Buttermore-Gonzalez, Debra, M SSTC
Byers, Meranda, F CRSC 188B 2272
Byrd, Brittney, K SSVC 120 2585
Byrd, Erin M. LUDL 113 2769
Byrd, Jason, N PLNT 102 2852