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* I understand that budgetary restraints limit the time I can be tutored to ten hours per course. (Please note: Students registered with the Disability Support Services office may be eligible for extended tutoring time. Any student who needs additional hours should contact the Coordinator of Tutoring to request approval.)

* I understand that it is my responsibility to keep appointments with my tutor. If I am unable to meet at the agreed upon time, I will call the tutor in advance to reschedule. I agree that if I miss more than two appointments, I will forfeit my right to continue tutoring.

* I agree that I will not attempt to utilize my tutor as an editor or homework proofreader. My tutor's job is to review or clarify concepts and help with study preparation. My tutor's job does not include writing or assisting with graded assignments. All work that I submit for grading will be done independently.

* I agree to be honest when signing the tutor's hour log after each session and when filling out an evaluation of the tutor at the end of the semester.

* I understand that there may be a need for my information to be shared with faculty/staff when it is relevant to my academic success

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Date: 9/21/2018